1. Is there a certain minimum skill/strength level required?
    Not really. We have 8 lanes so there is a very broad range of speeds and abilities.
  2. How many swimmers are there per lane?
    For short course practices, the average is 5-6 swimmers per lane. For long course on the weekends there are about 15 per lane.
  3. Are the swims always in the 25 m lanes? 
    Weekdays are short course (25m) and Saturdays and Sundays are long course (50M).
  4. How much is it? 
    The cost for the 2016-17 season is $520 for the year, which includes the $40 MSABC fees. Fees will be pro-rated if a swimmer starts later on, providing there is space available.
  5. What is the range of skill levels within the club? 
    We have eight lanes, with a range of beginners/Club Med to world record holders. There is a lane for everyone.
  6. I am looking for a welcoming novice program in Victoria. Does your club fit that need?
    Beginners are always welcome. Our coaches focus on technique, and there are always a variety of drills that help to improve your stroke. Workouts are tailored to swimmers’ fitness levels and goals for the year.
  7. I have pretty good technique, but don’t have the established endurance or stamina that you would expect from a club swimmer. How is this sort of thing accommodated? 
    You start at your own pace in one of the lower lanes and gradually work your way up.
  8. Can you provide a sense of the types of sets I would be swimming so I can see the type of distances that I would be expected to cover? Or even the times that I might see on a set (e.g. 100m on 1:00, etc.). 
    Visit our Coach’s Blog for workouts.
  9. Are members expected to attend all four listed practice times or is T/Th plus one of the long course practices adequate? 
    There is no minimum requirement; we all have busy lives, so just come when you can.
  10. Is there any minimum starting fitness level required speed or endurance-wise? 
  11. Is it ok if someone joins not knowing one of the major strokes (eg. butterfly – somehow I was never taught this one)? 
    That’s not a problem – we spend the first couple of months on stroke technique.
  12. I’m a former competitive swimmer, but I haven’t hit the water in about 10 years. Can I still join the club?
    There are eight lanes with a broad range of abilities, and we always start the year off gradually as swimmers’ fitness levels improve. If you’d like to give it a try you can come for about a week and see if you like it before making a firm commitment.
  13. I want to register with MSABC (Masters Swimming Association of B.C.) and be able to go to swim meets , but I train on my own. Can I pay you my MSABC fees and just go to meets with Vic Masters (and swim on relay teams)?
    Yes we can definitely sign you up with MSABC, which will allow you to enter meets. The cost for the 2016-17 season is $40.
  14. I have a condition (scoliosis – curvature of the spine) and was surgically operated on in my late teens (placement of rods and screws to provide some correction to the spine curvature). I am interested in starting swimming again mainly for exercise purposes and to strengthen my back. I have not swum much since having surgery so I am sure it will be a bit different feeling than what I remember. What do you suggest?
    As long as the coaches are aware of your limitations, they will either make suggestions for adaptations specifically for you, or allow you to modify the workout to ensure that you swim safely and pain-free.