Caitlin Carlson & Fern Stockman

Age group: 35-40
Lane: 6 at 8:30

Caitlin Carlson has been swimming her whole life but her formal swimming training began at age seven when she started with the Olympic Way program. She first started swimming because her parents forced her to…it was the only thing that tired her out! After Olympic Way, Caitlin moved into D group with the Victoria Olympians. Shortly after that she met Fern Stockman, who would become her best friend and workout buddy. Caitlin went on to swim any chance she got: Summer Club, school teams, her student exchange town’s swim team, the Carleton Varsity Swim Team. Now swimming is her career; she is currently a Water Safety Master Instructor Trainer for the Canadian Red Cross and the Aquatic Coordinator at Recreation Oak Bay.

Fern Stockman doesn’t remember when she first started swimming, just that she loved being in the water. After progressing through all of the Red Cross levels, she swam with Vic-O swim club until she was twelve. At that point Fern lost the desire to compete, but joined every other sport at school. She couldn’t stay out of the water though; she tried lake swimming, Kingfish summer swim club, more lake swimming, lifeguarding, swimming instruction, surfing, and swimming solo at the Crystal.

After a bit of a break from swimming, Caitlin joined Vic Masters in December 2013 with the goal of keeping fit and having fun. Fern followed Caitlin’s lead in September of 2014. She wanted to have scheduled time for swimming, get out of the house without kids, swim varied workouts with friends, and be with her best friend. Last year, the pair did their first swim meet together in over 20 years (complete with birthday cake on deck)!