Gillian Booth

Age group: 45-49
Lane: 4 at 8:30

Gillian shares a couples membership with her husband Grant Peterson. She and Grant appreciate having the couples membership option. As busy parents, they are happy that they have been able to share their love for swimming with their son Bo, who often joins one or the other in the teaching pool on the weekend. He is a natural!

Gillian’s first memory of learning to swim was at Sooke Potholes, when her mom taught her how to swim with a kickboard. She took basic swim lessons at the Victoria YMCA as a child and remembers passing a level but not wanting to go on to the next level because she was afraid to go into the deep end of the pool. She overcame this fear by taking adult swim lessons in French while studying at the Universite Laval in 1988. She continued to swim on her own regularly until one day in 2001 when she happened to be training at the Crystal. She bumped into Danielle, who encouraged her to join the club as part of her triathlon preparation. She has been a member ever since.

Gillian remembers her one and only UBC swim meet, when coach Judy complimented her on her strong kicking in one of her races; Gillian thinks it was probably because she thought she was going to drown! Her favourite social event is the annual Hallowe’en dress-up workout. She still remembers Dawn’s winning ‘birthday suit’ costume one year.

Vic Masters has provided Gillian with a regular training program and valuable, ongoing feedback on her strokes and technique. She also appreciates having someone else plan the workout and tell her what to do. Gillian finds swimming with a community to be incredibly helpful. She has made many friends, and loves the laughs and the lighthearted competition that helps her stay focused.