Jon Willis

Age group: 40-45
Lane: 2 at 7:30

Jon has come a long way since he started swimming. His earliest memory is around the age of seven, when he remembers sinking to the bottom of the pool and then being hauled out by his Dad. Since those early days, Jon seemed destined to be a lifelong breast-stroker, but in 2009 he decided he really needed some proper lessons, so he took Oak Bay’s adult front-crawl 101 course (just about managing one length at the end of it!). Two years later, he joined Victoria Masters, with the goal of being able to swim more than one length. During that first season in 2011-2012, Jon claims that he nearly drowned during every practice, but he thrived on the coaches’ encouragement to keep going. Since then, he has made steady progress, gaining speed and endurance, and has enjoyed the workouts, social events, and meets along the way. Jon has far surpassed his goal of being able to swim more than one length; he finished the Penticton Ironman in 2015 – quite an accomplishment for someone who initially struggled to complete 25 meters!