Morven Inglis

Age group: 65 – 69
Hint: Morven plans to go to the World Masters in Auckland in 2017 when she will be into the next age category.
Lane: 4, 7:30 pm

Morven first started swimming from an early age in New Zealand because every child was expected to swim. Back in the day, every primary school had a pool and swimming lessons were part of the curriculum so there was no escape. She was involved in most sporting activities but diving and field hockey soon emerged as her priorities. She stopped diving after university but did play field hockey until her knee began to complain.

Morven competed throughout high school, them swam intermittently as an adult, but she didn’t really start swimming seriously until she joined Victoria Masters Swim Club around 1980. This was about the same the time that other long-term team-mates such as Rod Carmichael, Judy Woodward, and Avila Rhodes first joined.

She was first drawn to masters swimming because she had developed osteoarthritis, which made every other sport extremely painful. Swimming has kept her moving through three joint replacements.

Morven is incredibly grateful for the wonderful coaching at Vic Masters. There is always something on the workout menu to think about which she finds is good for her brain. She loves meets, not because of the competition, but because of the pleasure she derives from just letting go; she has learned to go beyond the competitiveness that used to be a part of her persona and just enjoy the moment. She used to consider herself an endurance specialist, but she has begun to love sprinting, looking to shave off the next 100th of a second. Outside the pool, Morven relishes social events, which are always what she calls a fascinating “family affair.”