Our Coaches

coach-cindy-3Head Coach: Cindy Mabee

Cindy Mabee officially assumed the role of Head Coach in June of 2017 when legendary coach Danielle Brault retired.

Cindy started swimming in 1976 with the Saanich Swim Club at the Gordon Head Pool. She swam competitively until 1992, swimming at the National level (finalist and medalist) from age 13. She started coaching in 1988 to help out with the club she was swimming for, caught the bug and started coaching full-time in 1990 in Campbell River. As a certified NCCP Level III coach, Cindy has coached all over the province, and has worked with a broad range of ages and abilities. Many of the youngsters she coached have gone on to swim for Provincial and National teams, and break Provincial and National records. After 25 years of coaching, she now recognizes many of those youngsters as 40 year olds who are still swimming.

Cindy started swimming Masters in 2002 and has had a blast racing as an adult. In spite of taking breaks along the way to focus on family and coaching, she has swum personal life time best times in the last few years and has broken several World Records (around 14 at last estimate).

coach-avila-3Assistant Coach: Avila Rhodes, B.Ed.

Avila has been swimming with the Victoria Masters Swim club for about thirty years – she recruited Danielle to coach the team when they met in 1994! Avila started as an assistant coach for the club in the 2003-2004 season, and her enthusiasm for swimming and athletics is much appreciated by the swimmers! Avila has been instructing/coaching at a number of Victoria pools since her teens. After high school she got her BEd at Uvic and taught for several years.

Avila has been working as a coach/development program coordinator  for the Island Swimming Club at Commonwealth Pool for the past 23 years (& continues to do so) mainly introducing young swimmers to the world of competitive swimming. She has competed & trained as a Masters swimmer for more than 30 years. During the summers Avila admits to dabbling in open water swims and triathlons.

coach-alex-3Assistant Coach: Alex Cape. B Mus, B Ed, NCCP (Level 2)

Alex joined the local summer swim club when she was 11 years old, and has been in the water ever since. Since 1994, she has coached in Victoria and all around BC, and has worked extensively with kids, masters, Special Olympians, and triathletes at all levels. She joined Victoria Masters as a swimmer in 2006, and began coaching with the club in 2007.

After dabbling in several other careers, Alex found her true calling as a medical technician in the Canadian Army. She is very focused on health and fitness, and lives for sports. In addition to swimming, she plays hockey, soccer, ball hockey, baseball, and football, does yoga, and lifts weights regularly. Alex brings together her love of sports with her knowledge of human anatomy to help swimmers achieve their fitness and performance goals, and to prevent and manage injuries.

Alex is an experienced open water swimmer. She completed a series of ultra marathon swims in Lake Cowichan from 2013 to 2015, and ranks among the top open water swimmers in the world.




Assistant Coach: Judy Newman (B.Ed, NCCP Levels I, II)

Judy started her swimming ‘career’ back in the ‘70s with the Oak Bay High School swim team. Being disqualified in her first race at the brand new Crystal Pool was one of the best things that ever happened to her ~ a game changer and a life-shaper. It brought her under the skilled coaching of Ian Black (who astutely told her she was “all heart and no talent”), then Olympian coach Howard Firby, Victoria Masters’ founder Jock Noble and our very own head coach, Danielle Brault. One of the original Vic Masters members, Judy swam with the team for 34 years before joining the coaching squad. The transition was remarkably easy! When not on deck, Judy is an elementary school teacher & coach and quickly discovered that working with Masters swimmers is really not all that different from working with 7 year oldsJ Judy loves being in the water now as much as she did as a child ~ a testament to her coaches, teammates and the joy of being a Victoria Masters swimmer & coach!

dale-rainbow-mountainAssistant Coach: Dale Robinson

Swimming has been a constant in Dale’s life for nearly 30 years now, and will undoubtedly remain so for the next 30 to come. Being a swimmer is a lifestyle – a really fun way to stay in shape, a great social outlet, and a perfect reason to travel and experience some of the most interesting places around the world. As a swimmer, Dale definitely prefers to specialize in the distance and open-water events, although he will still dig in for a good sprint challenge from time to time. As a coach, he has spent the past 20 years watching with pleasure as his athletes, from as young as 5 all the way up to 90 years of age, improve their aquatic skills and achieve their swimming goals. Dale started his swimming and coaching careers with a variety of clubs in southern Ontario, and since moving west has stood as Head Coach for the UBC Masters Swim Club, as Head Coach of the Masters/triathlon group with the Canadian Dolphins Swim Club, as Group Lead for a provincial/national-level youth squad with the Vancouver Pacific Swim Club, and organized and coached a series of swim training camps for Masters athletes in Hawaii. Now with Victoria Masters, Dale is looking forward to the next chapter in his coaching career.


Lauren Westmacott – BA, MSCOT – NCCP Level 1 and 2 swimming and Level 1 Water Polo

Lauren came to swimming as most young kids do, because their parents need them to be tired at the end of the day so they will go to sleep at night. Lauren’s family also had a pool in their backyard, so there was some incentive to ensure the kids didn’t drown when mom and dad weren’t watching. That was over 30 years ago, and while she can’t say that she always loved endless lengths of the pool, she did always love the friends she made, the fun she had, and being in an outdoor pool under the sun. Somewhere along the way she became a life long swimmer. Lauren loves being in the pool, being on the deck, watching people swim, going to meets, and of course the people she gets to swim with. And there is the fantastic benefit of being able to eat extra chocolate after burning lots of calories in the pool.
After swimming for several years Lauren started coaching for her home team, the Nanaimo White Rapids, as a volunteer and later as a paid coach. She spent four summers coaching there, one with the Comox Valley Blue Devils, and two with the North Delta Sunfish. She coached through her first degree and spent a few winter seasons working part-time for Island Swimming, Coho, and the Victoria YMCA. When she went away for grad school she left behind a very large part of her life knowing that when she came back she wouldn’t be returning to full time coaching. But luckily her very good friend, Alex Cape, said she had found an awesome team to swim with. She joined VMSC in the fall of 2007 and has loved every season since. She has mostly been a swimmer, but since 2014 she has helped out as a substitute coach. So when the other coaches are off doing fun things, you might see Lauren on deck filling in. Her favourite sets tend to be distance ones as she claims she can’t sprint to save her life –  but don’t worry, she also likes mixing things up so no one gets bored.

Assistant Coach: Katie McEvoy

Katie started swimming with Tyee Swim Club at about age 8or 9 as a natural progression from swimming lessons. She moved on to Island Swim Club where her specialties were breaststroke and IM. While completing a BA in archaeology  and a certificate in Cultural Resource Management at Simon Fraser University, Katie swam NCAA Div II with SFU Clan.  She appreciated being able to swim NCAA while still getting a Canadian education, which is a rare opportunity. Dual meets were always a lot of fun.

Katie has been coaching age group and masters on and off for over five years. She has coached for VMSC, Tyee Aquatic Club and Trent Torpedoes. Katie still loves swimming and thinks it’s for everyone. She loves the fun atmosphere of masters swimming and hopes she can keep doing it for a long time. She currently swims with Victoria Masters while she coaches and is just finishing her training to become a conservator.

Assistant Coach: Brian MacArthur

Brian is excited to be joining the Victoria Masters Swim Club after 13 years of coaching around the Greater Victoria area. He has experience coaching many different types of athletes (able bodied and para-swimming) many of whom have gone on to swim in provincial, national, and international competition. As a swimmer, he started with the Victoria King Fish Summer Club with Alex Cape being his first coach. After that he swam with Island Swimming and Pacific Coast Swimming at the age group national level. Brian’s passion is coaching and working with athletes at every level and ability. He looks forward to meeting and working with each swimmer of the club.