Registration FAQs for 2020/21

Where can I find the Return to Swim Plan?

What days and times are practice?

You can view the return to swim plan here.

  • Tuesday/Thursday from 7:20 pm to 8:20 (arrive at 7:15; leave by 8:30). Cost $350 + $39 annual MSABC fees.
  • Tuesday/Thursday from 8:35 pm to 9:35 (arrive at 8:30; leave by 9:45). Cost $350 + annual $39 MSABC fees.
  • Saturday from 8:05 to 9:00 (arrive at 8:00; leave by 9:10). Cost $175 + $39 annual MSABC fees.
  • Saturday from 9:05 to 10:00 (arrive at 9:00; leave by 10:10). Cost $175 + $39 annual MSABC fees.

How much does each session cost?

Each session costs approximately $12.50. If you sign-up for the Tuesday/Thursday session the total cost from September 14 to December 18 2020 is $350 + $39 for your annual MSABC fees. If you sign-up for Saturday session the total cost is $175 + $39 for your annual MSABC fees.

How long are my MSABC fees valid for?

Your MSABC fees are valid from the time you sign-up to the end of August 2021. 

How many swimmers are permitted per practice? 

At this time we are permitting 14 swimmers per practice. The pool has 8 lanes. The middle 6 lanes will form 2 double lanes with room for 4 swimmers per double lane. Lanes 1 and 8 will be individual lanes with 1 swimmer per lane.

Will the number of swimmers permitted per practice increase over time?

Our goal is to make safe practices available to as many people as we can. We will review how things are going each month to determine if more swimmers can be added to the lanes.

Where will we swim after December 2020?

Our hope is we will be able to return to Crystal Pool in the new year. We can’t however guarantee this at this time. The board continues to look for options.

If we return to Crystal Pool in January will more swimmers be permitted?

The number of swimmers permitted will depend on 1) the number of people Crystal Pool allows during a session, 2) recommendations from Swim BC and Swim Canada and 3) the board and coaches comfort levels. This will be re-assessed on an ongoing basis.

Can I apply my credit with the club to this seasons swim?

Yes, absolutely.

If I choose not to swim at Oak Bay Pool from September to December may I withdraw my funds from the club?

Yes, absolutely.

How does withdrawing my funds from the club impact my membership with Victoria Masters Swim Club?

Any person who was a member as at February 28th, 2020 is still and will be considered a member from a registration perspective until we are no longer in COVID. In other words, if you opt to withdraw your funds or not swim at this point, you will still be on the membership for registration purposes throughout COVID-19 and in for the first registration period post COVID-19. 

How do I register for the September to December 2020 period?

There will be a pre-registration period on September 10thstarting at 7:00 PM. The link to pre-register will be on our web-site home page. At that time you will be asked to select your preferred swim times. Pre-registration will be based on your previous time slot and on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you make the list we will forward the full registration form and information on how to pay for your sessions. If you do not make the list we will advise you as soon as possible. You will be added to a waiting list in case other opportunities become available.

How many coaches will be on deck at each workout?

There will be one coach available per session.

How do I register for sessions beyond December 2020?

We have not developed the plan for this as of yet. We will let you know as soon as we do.

Will couple membership be offered between September and December 2020?


Will punch cards be offered between September and December 2020?


If a second wave of COVID-19 causes pools to close prior to December 2020, will those who have signed up be refunded?

Yes, you will be refunded for the days you did not use. You can leave this in the club as a credit or request a refund.