Info for New Swimmers


  • Warm-up/Cool Down: Slower paced swimming that allows the body to get ready for and gear down from the main set
  • Main Set: The higher intensity parts of the workout; usually broken up into ‘intervals’ or ‘repeat’ swims
  • Kick/Pull: Legs only/arms only drills; usually done with kickboards or pullbouys
  • Drills: An assortment of techniques used for stroke correction or improvement, and for variety
  • “4 x 50 on 1:30” (as one example you’d likely see on the workout board at practice) means ‘swim 50 meters, 4 times, leaving from the wall for each 50 meters every minute and a half’.
  • Descend: Each length repeat is done in a faster time than the previous length.


There are timing clocks at either end of the pool — most are analogue and one is digital—sadly none are in sync with each other. The analogue clocks have four, coloured hands, each fifteen seconds apart. Here is an example of how to use it:

  • The set is 4×50 on 1:30
  • The coach says to start at the Red Top, so you leave when the red hand reaches the top (60 second mark)
  • You swim your 50 meters and touch the wall at the end
  • Looking at the clock, you see the red hand is on the 15, so your swim time was 1:15 (the red hand will have completed one full rotation already: 1 minute, plus another 15 seconds)
  • As your intervals are 1:30, you leave again on the Red Bottom
  • You have had 15 seconds rest
  • The next time, you will leave after 1:30 again, so you leave on the Red Top
  • Repeat this until you have completed your set


The hot tub & saunas are good places to stretch, relax and socialize after workout. Often during the weekday evenings there is a high demand from the public for these amenities at the pool and capacity is limited.