100 x 100s Charity Swimathon on 28 April

May 8, 2024
Let the training, fundraising, and fun begin - it's a little delayed this year but our annual (up to) 100x100s swim-a-thon event is happening this month!
DATE: Sunday, April 28th 
TIME: 8:45am to 12:45pm
The front doors to Crystal Pool open at 8:30am, giving us 15 minutes to get inside, change, and organize ourselves on deck.  We'll start swimming at 8:45am sharp.  We have 4 lanes for the entire 4-hour block - again, the pool time is being donated by Crystal Pool and the City of Victoria - if you're doing the full 100x100s, you'll probably need to be there from the start, but if your goal is to complete 50, or 30, or whatever your number is, feel free to join in whenever.
You don't have to swim the entire 100x100s to take part in the fun, unless of course you want to.  Challenge yourself, pick a number between 1 and 100, and swim that many 100s - know your limit and swim within it.  We'll assign each lane a pace time - just pick the pace time that works for whatever you're doing for your 100s and join in.  Take breaks as you need them, have a quick snack and drink, and then keep it going.  Easy, right?
Go out and raise some money for your favourite local charity - get people to sponsor you or donate on your own behalf.  Keep track of how much was donated and email the amount to me (Dale, president@victoriamasters.ca) so I can keep a tally (I need to report the number back to the Pool/City) - I'll send out occasional updates to keep everyone in the know on how the total is coming along.


If you need some ideas for which charity to swim for, here are the four we've been supporting over the years:
Our Place
Power To Be
Victoria Women's Transition House
Mustard Seed Street Church Food Bank
VMSC started our 100x100s tradition several years ago as a show of support for Jeannie Carlson - a dear friend to many of us and a very accomplished (Canadian and world-record holding) Masters swimmer from Calgary - who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a disease she eventually succumbed to.  Jeannie was a fighter and fierce competitor in the pool, and an absolute bright light spirit outside of the pool.  The 100x100s workout was a favourite annual new year's tradition for Jeannie.  VMSC has since adopted it and put our own twist on it by using it as a means to give something back to our local communities right here in Victoria.  When things start to get tough during our own swim, some of us will be remembering Jeannie to help us conger the strength to get through it.
Let's get fundraising!  
See you at the pool!
Dale Robinson