Membership Types and Fees

There are four options for membership:


One-year membership for one individual, who is eligible to attend all practices.
$49 MSABC fee
$500 VMSC membership


One-year membership shared between two people: either person can attend a practice, but not both people on the same day. This option is often used by couples, when they know they can't both attend practices due to child-care, for example.$98 MSABC fee (2 x $49)
$500 VMSC membership

Punch Card

One 4-month membership, for one person to attend a maximum of 1 practice / week. Coaches or the VMSC Board will designate which practices the Punch Card member may attend, to control lane counts - for example, Saturdays only. This membership option is limited to those who have been Regular members with VMSC in the past.
$49 MSABC fee
$100 for each  punch-card


One-year membership for one individual, with no privilege of attending practices. The member will be able to compete at swim meets as a VMSC member.$49 MSABC fee

All VMSC memberships include membership in the Masters Swimming Association of British Columbia (MSABC). This is mandatory.

All fees listed include GST.  Payment by Interac e-Transfer must be made before your application can be accepted. See application form for details.