Membership Types and Fees

There are four options for membership:


One-year membership for one individual, who is eligible to attend all practices.$49 MSABC fee
$500 VMSC membership


One-year membership shared between two people: either person can attend a practice, but not both people on the same day. This option is often used by couples, when they know they can't both attend practices due to child-care, for example.$98 MSABC fee (2 x $49)
$500 VMSC membership


A membership for one person to attend a maximum of 1 practice / week, during a single several month period (semester): Sep - Dec; Jan - Apr; May - Aug. Coaches or the VMSC Board will designate which practices the Limited-access Pass member may attend, to control lane counts - for example, Saturdays only. At the expiry of the semester, the pass may be offered again at the discretion of the VMSC Board. This membership option is limited to those who have been Regular members with VMSC in the past.$49 MSABC fee
$100 for each semester


One-year membership for one individual, with no privilege of attending practices. The member will be able to compete at swim meets as a VMSC member.$49 MSABC fee

All VMSC memberships include membership in the Masters Swimming Association of British Columbia (MSABC). This is a mandatory annual fee.

All fees listed include GST.  Payment by Interac e-Transfer must be made before your application can be accepted. See application form for details.